Hello! My name is Kenny. I’m a software developper and a video game addict.

Throughout most of my life I’ve been around both cats and dogs. My parents raised Shitzu’s throughout my childhood and we also had outdoor cats around. When I moved into my own house I adopted one of the cats from my parents home back in 2009. Her name is Bella. Several years later I adopted a cat from a shelter to keep Bella company. I found a lovely “Tortie” cat who is only slightly younger than Bella. I kept her shelter name Marble and they’ve both been at my side throughout the years.

In 2018 I decided I wanted to also get a dog. I loved how Siberian Huskies looked but I didn’t want something quite that big and I stumbled across Pomskies. I fell in love and adopted Felicity within a couple weeks after seeing her online. She is actually a F1B Pomsky which means they bred her back once towards Husky. Her Embark DNA says 68/32 Husky/Pomeranian. She also got much bigger than I predicted and ended up being almost a full female Husky in size.

Who is Precious Growls?

Precious Growls is not your typical breeder. In fact, the standard definition would be a hobby breeder. This means that I can focus on taking care of a single litter of puppies and making sure they find the proper homes rather just trying to run a “puppy mill”

Our Mission

Raise puppies with the greatest of care and find them good homes.

Health Guarantee

We take pride in the health of our animals and we offer a 1 year health guarantee for your new puppy in case any issues come up.


We stream the puppies live on Twitch so you can be along for the journey. There is also a YouTube channel.

Can’t care for your dog? We’ll take them back!

If for some reason you can no longer take care of a Pomsky you adopted from us. We will take them back and find them a new home. We do not want to see one of our puppies in a shelter.

Stay in touch

We want to keep in touch with the owners and see how things are going. We love to see pictures of the puppies as they grow in their new homes!

17+ Years of experience

Although Precious Growls has only started in 2019, my parents also raised puppies. They had over 15 years of raising Shitzu puppies and I grew up raising them too.