Price reduction on remaining puppies

Price reduction on remaining puppies

April 9, 2020 Uncategorized 0

A lot is going on with the chaos of the COVID-19 and more people are staying at home. It’s hurting businesses across the US.

I have 4 puppies remaining that are six months old now and need homes to they can get the attention they need. They are so energetic and happy and I love playing with them but they would be much happier in a family setting where they can get more one on one attention.

As such, I’ve reduced prices for the puppies by $400-$500 dollars putting them around $1000-$1100 range. If you are interested in one of the remaining adorable puppies please contact me through the Contact form available on the site.

If you are interested but cannot afford the price, let’s walk through some options. I do accept Paypal and they do offer 0% interest for six months on certain payments. This might be a good way for you to get a puppy without taking a huge financial hit on your wallet.

Everyone stay happy and healthy in this quarantine.


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